OnePlus 9R Draws Out Comparison With iPhone 12


The new flagship smartphone from Oppos, the OnePlus 9R, has just been released onto the consumer market. And like its predecessors, the new phone is set to bridge the gap between low-budget smartphones and mid-budget smartphones. While the primary difference with the smartphone is its higher price point – it’s $400 more than the Oppos 8T – it also features a host of features that are aimed squarely at high-end smartphone users. In other words, it’s all about making the right combination. The good news is that this doesn’t really end up having a lot of bearing on the experience – as the features provided here are still very much within reach of most reasonably-priced smartphones. oneplus 9r

One of the most useful among the Oxygen Plus features is fast charging. This lets you use the smartphone for a greater amount of time before you need to plug in your device, thus saving on time and power. This is particularly important for those who travel a lot with their smartphones. A few weeks back, a feature called Dash Charge was introduced by Oppos – but it proved to be largely ineffective with the One Plus. This feature makes use of fast charging, which lets you enjoy your phone’s benefits without having to deal with inconveniently slow charging. This allows you to fully charge your handset within thirty minutes of first unplugging it.

Another useful accessory for the One Plus, the Dash Panel, has also been tweaked to better suit the smaller face of the handset. The older version of the Oxygen Plus had a huge, protruding panel which constantly took up space. The new version has a smaller and sleeker design, making it easier to appreciate – though it does have the same oversized button arrangement for power and volume. You can also see a new option called Air Gesture on the Oxygen 9r.

Other key modifications include a volume rocker, which now doubles as a Quick Settings Manager, allowing you to access the same functions as the dedicated power button. Apart from that, the fingerprint sensor on the power key is just as effective as the one found on the iPhone 4s. Another great addition is the new infrared sensor, which is supposed to improve upon the normal ambient light reception. This is a welcome change as poor night vision camera functionality has been the most common complaint about this handset.

Oxygen Plus owners are probably most excited about the additions and changes brought to Oxygen Plus by Oppos. The most noticeable change is the inclusion of Google Maps on the browser, which allows users to download local maps directly to their phone. While it is easy to navigate through this interface, it may be a matter of taste whether or not this is a good thing. However, users do have the option to turn off the Google feature for use of other apps. If you do need to use Maps, then you will also find that the Oxygen app crashes more often than others, leading many to suggest that you leave the feature on.

The Oxygen Plus is not without flaws, however. The one big issue is the lack of storage space, even with the installation of Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It seems like this could be a problem for any smartphone user who wants to keep up with their daily applications and data transfers. Other complaints about this phone include the slow speed of loading videos and pictures and the lack of memory, although it should hopefully increase over time.

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